Thank you for booking Brinks Benmore

Welcome to your Barnes Brinkcraft Boating Holiday

Once you've checked through the office and boarded your boat we will give you a thorough handover to ensure you understand how simple and straightforward handling your boat is.

To help you, we have prepared these links. They provide you have a written reminder of your handover, plus quite a bit more detail about boating in the Broads National Park

As we are no longer able to leave a copy of this information on board, we strongly recommend you print or download this information (2 documents) so you can refer to it should you need to whilst on holiday.

If you do have a problem during your holiday please refer to this information first. If you can't find the answer, then please do not hesitate to telephone 01603 782625

On behalf of us all at Barnes Brinkcraft, we hope you have a great holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

Specific to your boat

Boating Handbook inc:

   Boat Information

   Boat Layout

   Gas system operation

   Heating Control / How it works

Print/Download all Specific Boating Information

General Boating Information

Boating Handbook inc:

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Broadland Conservation

Charging Points and Card Outlets

Cruising down the river

Electric Charging Point Card

Rules of the River


Mooring your boat

Helpful Hints

Where you can moor

Useful Telephone Information

Some dinghy sailing hints

Yacht Stations

All about bridges

Some navigational advice

Fishing on the broads

Tides and river distances

Essential Services

Accidents need never happen

Print/Download all General Boating Information

Aweigh App
A useful app with maps / moorings and tide information

Please refrain from smoking inside the boat